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Feature Screenplays / Comedies

Gone With The Windshield


Keywords: Action, Comedy, Tentpole.

Awards: Chesterfield Competition Finalist, Thunderbird Screenwriting Competition Winner, Laughing Horse Screenwriting Winner, Cyclone Screenwriting Contest – Finalist, AAA Competition - Finalist.

Logline:  You think your job sucks? Detroit is funny & dirty in this rowdy road comedy about crash dummies who rescue one of their own from a disgruntled plant worker and expose their corrupt human boss in a dangerous scandal.  Gone with the Windshield combines obscene Super Bad with the emotional depth of Rain Man.  The story of two heroes... and their impact.

The Anti-Heist


Keywords: Star-Vehicle, Comedy, True-Story.

Awards: STARZ Winner, Shore Scripts Winner, Screenplay Festival Finalist, Las Vegas Film Festival.

Logline: This wacky true-story satire highlights the trials, tribulations, and victory of reluctant hero Alfred Beardsley, the victim of the Las Vegas Robbery that resulted in the conviction of one-time football great OJ Simpson. A hilarious bittersweet tale about the only casino heist ever committed by a member of the NFL Hall of Fame (that we know of). 

Mad About Millie


Keywords: Romantic Comedy, Absurd.

Awards: Screenplay Festival Best Romantic Comedy, StoryPros Finalist, Drama Garage Winner, BB Festival Finalist, AAA Finalist. Work-shopped for pacing, characters, laughs. 

Logline:  After years of struggling in the friend-zone, a male nurse must win the love of his life without revealing he is the father of her child via anonymous sperm donation. A romantic comedy with juice, a Wizeguy, and a baby.



Keywords: Action-Comedy, Martial Arts, Buddy, Supernatural.

Logline:    "Possession is 9/10ths of the law."  A courageous Ghost Cop possesses a cowardly Taxi Driver to bust a sexy immortal Succubus and her paranormal henchmen who dominate the underworld… uh, both underworlds.  Gee, I hope our guys stand a chance.

Available Projects

Request a Screenplay:  creative@brandedfilmsmanagement.com

Feature Screenplays / Action & Drama

Lucifer Rising


Keywords: Action-Thriller, Supernatural.  

Logline:  A hardened Detective teams with Archangel Michael to protect his gifted Daughter from Lucifer, only to discover the sardonic Fallen Angel may have benevolent intentions after all.

Enemy Line


Keywords: Action-Adventure, War, Buddy.

Logline:  World War II. A wounded German Soldier forces an American Medic to keep him alive to trek across occupied France where dangerous skirmishes, deadly mine fields, and vengeful insurgents make uniforms irrelevant and threaten to kill them both. Enemy Line is a bold tale of violent camaraderie and thrilling action. The 1944 setting camouflages a timeless message more relevant today than during WWII. 

The Lady Hours


Keywords: Thriller, Erotic, True-Story.

Award: Winner of the Samuel Goldwyn Screenwriting Award.      

Logline:  A prison’s Female Psychiatrist is ordered by a bitter Warden to counsel a Notorious Inmate to obtain incriminating evidence to send him to the gas chamber. Instead of spying, the sultry shrink is aroused by the intimate danger, and indulges in a torrid sexual affair with the infamous convict.  When he becomes eligible for parole, the obsessed lady doctor must either remain silent and destroy her marriage and career, or betray her lover sending him to certain execution. 

Hell and Lonnie Frisbee


Keywords:  True-Story, BioPic, Feature Screenplay.

Award: Finalist in the 1-in-10 Screenplay Competition.

Logline:  Following a religious vision, Lonnie Frisbee was a faith-filled hippy who founded the Jesus Revolution in the 1970s, but was excommunicated from the successful church he built for being homosexual.  A troubled man who could have become the next Charles Manson, charismatic controversial Lonnie Frisbee is a multi-faceted starring role.

Rage, Betty Page Rage


[In Development]

Keywords:  True-Story, Star-Vehicle, Thriller. 

Logline:  Pose nude.  Get famous.  Find Jesus.  Knife your roommate.



Keywords:  Horror, Erotic, Thriller, Low-Budget, Supernatural. 

Logline:  Dr. David Farrell met a nice woman.  But, she’s not always nice.  And she’s not always a woman.  A cynical psychiatrist must accept werewolfism to save his sexy shapeshifting lover from a powerful rival.


Request a Screenplay:  creative@brandedfilmsmanagement.com

Feature Screenplays / Sold




Logline: A demonic creature impregnates a woman. 160 years later ghost hunters investigate a mountain resort and are forced to set aside their quick buck party mentality when they discover their team’s sexy clairvoyant, Lindsay, is the incestuous target of the demonic entity haunting the place. 

Assassins Code



Logline:  A corporate assassination forces opportunistic double agents from three nations to fight to retrieve a high-tech computer disk containing schematics for a deadly weapon. 




Logline:  FBI scientists team the clone of a serial killer with a bitter cop to catch the deadly donor.

White Tiger



Logline:  An American cop witnesses his mentor's murder in a bad deal, and finds himself on the wrong side of the law in Thailand. Despite the bounty on his head and pressure to leave the country, he teams with a mercenary out to settle a score to bring the killers to justice, if the jungle's natural elements don't kill them first.