Unscripted / Reality TV



Wedding Thrashers


Keywords:  Unscripted, Gameshow, 10-Page TV Bible.  

Logline:  Swap two letters and marital is martial.  Love is war in a game show pitting engaged couples in cruel competitions to earn classy or crummy prizes for the most important day of their lives.  With rounds called Aisle of Agony, Home Dorkorating, and Nuptial Angst – how bad can it be?  Win?  Enjoy a five-tier cake and the bride wears Vera Wang.  Lose? Your guests suck fudge-dipped Twinkies and the groom schleps to the altar in a clown suit.

Sing Or Sin


Keywords:  Reality, Country-Western, Music, Teens, Moms, 11-Page TV Bible, Sizzle Reel, Music Video.  

Logline:  Four high-school girls in Las Vegas form a Country-Western group hoping to sign a deal with a Nashville record label – or fall victim to the sleazy temptations of Sin City.  The foxy quartet juggles rehearsals, performances, school, boyfriends, spotlight-seeking mothers, and a drill sergeant manager who threatens, “A thousand hot young girls would kill to be in this group!”  An estrogen storm of cat-fights, hot tunes and sexy sidekicks.

Sizzle Reel:   https://vimeo.com/246357773

Music Video:   https://vimeo.com/253713163 

From Fragile To Famous


Keywords:  Celebrities, Inspirational, Educational, Journalism, Sizzle Reels, 17-Page TV Bible.  

Logline:  A TV series designed to inform and inspire viewers by celebrating the lives of famous people in movies, music, television, art, science, sports, and business who overcame debilitating setbacks and attained tremendous fame & success. 



Sizzle Reel:  DYSLEXIA