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TV Projects & Sizzle Reels

Seed of Darkness


Keywords:  Detective, Thriller, Supernatural, Horror, Edgar Allan Poe, Adaptation, 80-Page TV Bible plus Teleplays for Episodes 1, 2, & 3 completed.

Logline:   Inspired by the vocation and character he created on the page, author Edgar Allan Poe fakes his own death to become the world’s first undercover detective by using his newborn sciences of CSI and criminal profiling to apprehend earthly felons until the universe unleashes a sinister immortal Nemesis.  

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Project Janus


Keywords:  Female Lead, Detective, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Police Procedural, 46-page illustrated TV Bible.

Logline: A secret private law-enforcement unit takes criminal profiling to new heights by cloning active felons, fugitives, missing persons, and victims linked to capital crimes.  Psychiatrist-mother-cop Anna Demetre partners with a newly-formed Clone to exploit its genetic memory and telepathy to apprehend perpetrators.  



Keywords:  Action, Adventure, War, 54-page illustrated TV Bible.

Logline:  Ordinary German civilians forge a patriotic Resistance with honorable Officers to sabotage the Nazi war machine from within Berlin itself.  Each hour of Traitor features revisionist WWII history and action-thriller pacing to include infiltration, sabotage, exfiltration, intelligence gathering, rescue or assassination.

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password: SIZWW287

Depraved TV Series


[In Development]

Keywords:  Horror, Detective, Supernatural, Adaptation.

Logline:  Adapted from the feature film Depraved, the television series follows recently-deceased sexy ghost Lindsay who leads her team of mortal and immortal misfits to exorcise, cleanse, and otherwise confront troublesome supernatural entities.

Sizzle Reel:  

Password:  depraved333

Cayman Heat


[In Development]

Keywords:  Female Lead, Erotic Thriller, Action, Detective, Procedural, Crime, 54-Page TV Bible.

Logline:  A mentally-gifted emotionally-troubled American woman -- who numbs her pain with addictions to alcohol, tobacco, and sex -- is recruited as a detective by a black British police chief who hopes she will blossom into his Shelock Holmes.  The Caribbean’s luxurious Caymans are a hot-bed of corruption and sexy Hedonism where brilliant rookie detective Koral Sanders flexes her forensic muscles to combat high-crime.  Fifty Shades of Gray meets Hawaii Five-O.  

The Land That Time Forgot


Keywords:  Adaptation, Adventure, Science-Fiction, Horror.

Logline:    The passengers and crew of a luxury adventure vessel are pulled to a parallel version of the Earth whose evolution permits all species to exist from dinosaurs to humans – and every deadly monstrous mutation in between. The Land That Time Forgot is a modern adaption of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic novels.